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Biofil Digester

Positioning the digester

Below Ground

Biofil Digester

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Biofil Digester

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Biofil Digester

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Biofil Digester

Our proprietary sanitation technology - the Biofil Digester - is a simple compact (0.61m high, 0,61m wide and 1,83m long) on-site organic waste treatment system that treat all degradable organic waste aerobically within an enclosed environment.

It uniquely combines the benefits of the flush toilet system and those of the composing toilets.

Technological Objectives

1.) Promote Health. This is achived by the prevention of sludge build-up and the elimination of odour.

2.) Environmental Protection. The Biofil Digester reduces groundwater contamination thereby protecting the environment.

3.) Development. We aim to meet the specific needs of all user groups.

How the Digester Works

1. Waste water enters at the top of the unit.

2. Rapid Separation of liquids and solids through the filter medium.

3. Micro-organisms and macro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, worms) degrade solid matter inside the box

4. Liquids directed out of the digester through pipe into a constructed drain field or collected/treated for reuse.

Biofil Biodegration

The Techonology mimics the principles as the environment on forest floors where wildlife droppings are decomposed and converted into valuable nutrients for vegetation by micro-organisms and invertebrates.

Biofil Biodegration


This system has been applied to:

1.) Replace septic tanks in new constructions

2.) Retrofitted to correct existing failed systems

3.) Replaced non-flush/microflush systems in properties where water is an issue

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